Premise: A teen girl (Jane Levy) has trouble adjusting when her single dad (Jeremy Sisto) moves them from New York City to the suburbs to give her a better life.  Alan Tudyk and Cheryl Hines feature prominently in supporting roles as suburbanites.


I cannot see this show making it past mid-season.  It’s a single camera 30 minute sitcom with no laugh track (thank got for small miracles), and its two stars, Sisto and Levy, deliver great performances, but are immediately overshadowed by Alan Tudyk’s open and honest, orange tanned, suburban socialite.  The premise above might make a good show, even in the 30-minute sitcom format, but the title gives away the show’s prejudices: suburbia as purgatory.

This show is shamelessly anti-suburban life, to the extent that this ‘neighborhood,’ which according to the map shown in the intro is somewhere in Connecticut, has been carefully crafted from every stereotype ever told with a healthy dose of the Stepford Wives thrown in to really make it obnoxious.  It would be one thing if this show was about a really strange neighborhood, a la Twin Peaks, but no, this show is saying ALL of suburbia is like this, and I’m very, very insulted.

I can’t even understand how this show was greenlighted. Aren’t people living in suburban towns the gross majority of all TV watchers? Did ABC think that their viewership would tolerate being angrily scolded for 30 minutes every week?

The sad part is that the actors in this show are doing a great job, they’ve just got the most obnoxious writers in the world supplying their lines and, as such, I can’t hate on this show enough.  Not recommended.

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