1. Beeftony

    Well, I can’t say I didn’t ask for this. ;) Honestly, though, I’m surprised you chose this one to review when there are so many better stories to choose from. I was unaware of there being more Ursa fics like this; I guess it’s kind of a Sailor Earth situation in that I hit upon a common idea without even realizing it.

    You raise a lot of good points, though I should clarify one thing: the spy was not random, though the character did only appear once in the series so I’ll forgive you for not recognizing him. He’s the Fire Sage that helped Team Avatar all the way back in during the Winter Solstice in the first season.

    The reason for the frame story was that this was originally designed as a side-story to a much longer tale called “Where You Lead,” which I only published two chapters of before giving up on it entirely. I originally planned to reveal that Ursa had been an assassin working under orders from the Order of the White Lotus who married Ozai to get close enough to assassinate Azulon (which admittedly I practically spelled out here). The intention was not so much to make her awesome as to give her a complicated past that would lower her from the pedestal Zuko had placed her on when he found out.

    The frame story does admittedly seem superfluous without the tie-in to the other one, but when I published the story it had been sitting on my hard drive for nine months. It didn’t feel right to let it fade into obscurity.

    Thanks again! :)


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