Fanfic: Innuendo (by beeftony) [Kim Possible]


Once again this is a shortfic, probably written in a bit of a fugue and intended to paint an interesting or cute picture between everyone’s favorite slashable couple from the show.  Kim and Shego are fighting and Kim decides to taunt Shego in a manner consistent with how the fanon has always interpreted their banter (which is to say, slightly blue in tone) and ends up getting more than she bargained for.

I won’t go into the rigmarole I did in the last review — I suggest that you go back and read it to understand my position on short fics if you haven’t – but I did want to say this story succeeds a little more than then previous one did in being memorable.  Again, this could just be the way my brain is wired, but the sense that Kim gets in this story that she’s tipped the scales a little too far and is panicking that she might like it this way, that is a little more interesting to me than a slightly awkward discussion about contraceptives and the role of the more competent sidekick.

I guess basically what I see here is something new (to the show, of course, not to the fandom) being presented and teased, where as Common Thread was a rehash of what we already knew or expected.  (I mean, you could almost derive that from the title now that I think about it).

The fic is short, and in keeping with the title, is not explicit.  Well written, fairly interesting, and probably worth the 10-15 minutes of your time it would take the read.

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