I haven’t finished reading this yet, but I’ve gotten several chapters in and wanted to jot down a few notes.

This is a pretty entertaining fanfic, if you don’t mind the typical Harry Potter characterization being burned in a fire and then stamped out by a jaded, dirty-mouthed, fairly arrogant depiction.  It’s all justified though, which is why I don’t have a negative reaction to it.  Sure, I could use with less cursing all around.  I tend to believe that the more educated and wise you become, the less vulgarity really seems all that worth it.  So for a character as experienced as this Harry Potter is, I find it odd he is so rude.  But some of it is supported by the setting.

This story tells of a Harry Potter dozens of iterations through a Groundhog’s Day loop that is several decades long.  Apparently in the ‘natural’ timeline, Voldemort was not defeated in book 7 and instead goes on to raze the planet.  Harry Potter, one of the last survivors, discovers the ruins of Atlantis and uses magic to go back and ‘set things right.’  This results in him sling shotting back to the beginning of Book 6 over and over and over again every time he dies until he gets it right – whatever that means.

As a result, Harry is very fatigued, partly insane, and has gotten the early years of his life down to a science, right down to the minutes and seconds when important things happen.  This would be a drag, ordinarily, giving a character enough meta-knowledge to be a god, and yet, at the start of the story, something ‘new’ happens which throws his plans out the window.  He’s being attacked by time vermin and now has to watch his back and alter his plans to accommodate for the unexpected, something he hasn’t had to deal with in centuries.

It’s fun stuff, at least so far.  Harry is way out of character, but it’s explained, so I don’t mind.  He does, however, sling of at such a wild vector that he barely even mentions the cannon universe let alone hit any of the major events in books 6 or 7.  This is almost a wholly original story, actually, featuring part of the setting of Harry Potter but mostly spinning whole new places out of whole cloth.  But the writing is breezy, and the action fluid enough that it’s fun, distracting entertainment.

I’ve seen that the story has some good reviews so I’m hoping that the story will live up to them.  It’s already complete (so I don’t have to worry about an abrupt ending) and a nicely long size so it should fulfill my need for epic tales.

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  1. I enjoyed it.  Haven’t started the sequel (not much is resolved at the end of wastelands..)

    If you want good harry potter fanfic, I have to recommend Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.  It’ll be kind of ‘beat you over the head with the ideals of those who proclaim their beliefs “less wrong”‘, but in general I can’t really fault it for that, since I haven’t been able to think of ways in which they’re incorrect.  Look forward to things like pointing out that there’s no concept of arbitrage in the wizard muggle currency, that quidditch’s scoring is completely bonkers, and other amusing things in that vein that occur to a “rational” Harry Potter who is thrown in to the Wizarding world and wishes to make sense of it, not just memorize it like everyone who had apparently come before.

    Amusingly, in attempting to remember what Voldemort was doing during Methods, I stumbled across this: http://gerrycanavan.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/harry-potter-and-the-methods-of-rationality/ which has the author of Methods reference Wastelands with praise. 🙂  If you want to not have a minor plot point from Methods ruined (a rather minor plot point, admittedly, but an amusing one when you consider a rational protagonist AND a rational villain), then you shouldn’t read the second to last paragraph at the above link.  It won’t really spoil anything, but you might see where a conversation is going a few pages earlier when provided this information in advance.

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