I’ve started posting a new story on Fanfiction.net in the Ben 10 universe called “Plumber’s Charm.”  It’s a fairly lengthy story (aren’t all of mine this way?) telling the history of the Tennyson family and their interactions with the Plumbers through the device of having their oldest enemy return to attack Ben, Gwen, and Max.  Along the way they pickup a few characters that haven’t been seen since the original Ben 10 animated series.

Eventually I plan to host most of my fanfiction here on Rogue-Penguin, but I haven’t yet come up with a design schema that I like for that.  I want something well organized and designed, but not cumbersome to update and maintain.  I had started on something similar several website designs ago but didn’t complete it because it was too messy for my tastes.  I think I need to do some research on book websites and take inspiration from them.

Anyway, Plumber’s Charm is not yet complete, but I’ve been slowly writing it for nearly three years now and I’m tired of it existing only in my head.  Hopefully having a regular publishing schedule for this series will push me to write the last three chapters.  It worked for A Period of Silence, after all.

Update: And as it turned out, it DID work! I finished it!  It’s all up on Fanfiction.net at the link above.  It could probably do with some proofreading but it clocks in at over 90,000 words and I’m rather pleased.  Not the best work I’ve done, but a good effort for the first time playing in this universe.

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