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Rogue-Penguin has been many people since its inception in 2001, but right now it is just me:  TempestDash.


The personal pronouns used liberally throughout this site in its current incarnation refer to me, TempestDash.  I am a relatively private individual for a internet personality, but I’m willing to share a few details about myself so you can relate to me.

I am a American male, born in the early eighties, and attended the Rochester Institute of Technology as part of their Computer Science undergraduate program.  There, I met the two co-founders of Rogue-Penguin, Emi-chan (who later became my wife), and Phaser (who did not).

I have always had passion for the arts, specifically creative writing and illustration, and have had a life long interest in video games and how they can be effective narrative tools.

In my day job, I’m a Project Manager for an insurance company. I used to be a IT security and change controls auditor for the better part of  a decade, but got out of that job because it was causing me to become too bitter and jaded.  I am significantly happier these days than when I first started writing for this website.

As it turns out, I returned to being an auditor 16 months later.  It was not, as I believed, simply the work of auditing that was frustrating me, but the lack of power to correct perceived problems.  I thought that as a Project Manager I would have more power to enact change, but I was greatly mistaken.  I was more frustrated in the end.  Partly because I still could do nothing to make things better, and also because… well, it wasn’t challenging.  The PM function in my business is simply too immature to require much of my attention.  I was a high performer, I got praise, but I was unsatisfied.  Now I’m a audit manager and I’ve found challenges in that role that I didn’t have as a senior auditor.  Life goes on.

I have done a lot of creative writing on the side, all unpublished (in the traditional sense) and most of it making liberal use of “textual poaching” (more typically called fan fiction).  I used to be rather embarrassed by how much fan fiction I’ve written, but I’ve come to terms with it.  Frankly, I’m not bad at writing, and I have always striven to put my best into my work, which is nothing to ever be embarrassed about.

There used to be a webcomic on this site, and someday it will come back.  I’m still embarrassed by that one, mostly because it was building up to some great things but I lost interest and haven’t returned to it in over five years.   I’ve never forgotten it, and its story holds a very special place in my heart, which is why I’m sure it will return one day.

As alluded to above, I have a family (a wife and son) of which I will rarely, if ever, talk about.  They easily hold the largest place in my heart and mind, but they are not the subject of this website.  I have some very strong opinions on the slowly eroding expectation of privacy in America and the world in general, and this is where I am asserting those opinions.

Finally, I am a Rationalist.  Not strictly, of course, and to be honest not intentionally either.  I have always lived my life with the ideal that logical thought and emotions should be separate and only the former acted upon, and have only recently come to realize that this concept is named Rationalism.  I have had varying degrees of success achieving my ideal, but, in my opinion, that’s life.  We are either moving towards our goals or away from them, we never stand still.

As a result of being a Rationalist, I have little tolerance for uninformed opinions and none for religious bigotry.  I have hypocritically violated both of these concepts at times, and for that I direct you to the preceding paragraph.  Part of being a Rationalist is recognizing your own failures and trying to understand why they occurred.  I am not perfect, and I will never be.  But I aspire to.

I have many, many other opinions, but you’ll have to read the website to find them.  I’ve linked the most noteworthy posts below.

If, after you’ve read the above and some of the below, you decide that I’m the sort of person you’d like to follow, please feel free to use the RSS links at the top right of the website. They are the best way to follow the content of this website, especially because I go through dry spells where I neglect this website for months at a time.

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