One Year Later

A full year has passed now without any meaningful activity on Rogue-Penguin.  I think about the website a lot but I haven’t actually been all that productive in a blogging/internet presence sense.  While there have been stretches of time I’ve neglected R-P while focusing on other websites, this time was different.  Apart from my writing […]

Erica Friedman on Digital Media

Erica Freidman, of Yuri blog ‘Ozaku‘ (and, for those of us older folk: anime fanfiction in the 1990‘s) fame, posted an incredible article on the move from physical media to digital media.  It is in the context of the currently floundering move from paper manga to digital manga, but she broadens the discussion to become […]

Science of Story – Characters in motion

It’s been a while since I talked about storytelling outside of the podcast.  It’s also been a while since there’s been a podcast or any content on this website.  As usual, Rogue-Penguin ebbs and flows with my interest, and that is directly influenced by how busy I am with my job and caring for my […]