Sankarea (First Impression)

Strangely enough, I randomly decided to watch an anime recommended to me by — a new series airing now called Sankarea. This show has two principal characters: Zombie-philiac (I guess it *should* be necrophiliac, but, whatever…) Chihiro Furuya, a 1st year student (9th or 10th grade in Japan, I can’t remember exactly) who is not only […]

Fiction on Rogue-Penguin!

Plumber’s Charm chapter 2 has now been posted to!  You can check it out there, or, alternatively, you can check it out here on Rogue-Penguin’s Fiction page. I’ve been writing stories for a long time now.  I have charitably considered my start in writing to have been in 2nd Grade when I wrote an […]

360: Mass Effect 3 (Impressions)

It’s very dark in the future. Metaphorically, this is true, but in the case of Mass Effect 3, it’s quite literally true.  Cerberus is a pretty dark institution, however, they were much bigger fans of lighting on the Normandy. It’s either that or the Alliance broke a couple of the overhead light panels when they […]