The TITAN Show #16 is LIVE!

Episode 16 of The TITAN Show is finally up on its website,  This week’s topic is denouement!  Also known as the ‘resolution’ of a story after its climax and (typically) falling action.  We also talk a lot about fan fiction because that happens to be what’s been reviewed on this website in the last week. […]

Batman: Arkham City [impressions]

The original Arkham Asylum game was great, and really proved that a studio that understood the essence of the modern Batman character could produce a fantastic game.  In many ways, it’s stunning it took so long to get here.  Batman IS the typical PC in a video game: peak athletic form, tons of equipment hidden […]

L.A. Noire [Impressions]

There’s not going to be a TITAN Show this week unfortunately, so I figured I’d actually show some love to Rogue-Penguin and post something.   I’ve been playing a lot of L.A. Noire and Batman: Arkham City recently and I thought I might talk a bit about my experiences.  First off: L.A. Noire. L.A. Noire is […]