PC/Phone: Waking Cassandra [Alex Livingston]

This game is a Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) developed using the Choice of Games engine for creating games of this sort called ChoiceScript.  Its author, Alex Livingston, apparently intends to create a cross-media enterprise based on the concepts in this game as he (she?) has a website dedicated to this ‘series’ of which the […]

360: Alan Wake [Remedy Entertainment]

I finished off Alan Wake last night thanks to the momentum generated by the end of Chapter 5 cliffhanger.  The last chapter was longer than I expected, but did a nice job of wrapping up the action of the game, revisiting certain areas and bringing back a series of combat situations that — presumably — […]

IF: Dual Transform (Andrew Plotkin)

This is a relatively easy one-room game by Plotkin that tries it’s best to stretch the ‘one-room’ category into a more robust game.  Shade (also by Plotkin), is also supposedly a ‘one-room’ game but expands on that limitation by having several discrete areas you could enter and exit in order to interact with items there […]