Fanfic: Exile, by beeftony [Avatar: The Last Airbender]

Review: I’m convinced the Airbender fandom is obsessed with Ursa.  I’ve read a number of “Chessmaster Ursa” fanfics at this point (the others of which I’ll get around to reviewing eventually) and they all share two things: 1.) Ursa is a brilliant schemer who saw the results of her actions five years into the future […]

Fanfic: A Harmless Pastime by Pigblossom [Mass Effect 2]

Review: A Harmless Pastime short, hilarious one-shot set during the events of Mass Effect 2.  Miranda Lawson, professional snoop for Cerberus, investigates Commander Shepard’s stored documents and discovers that their intrepid leader writes Slash fanfiction in his spare time.  While innocent enough in and of itself, when Lawson discovers that the crew of the Normandy […]

Fanfic: Tomorrow’s Dawn by ElectricZ [Mass Effect 2]

Review: I love Mass Effect, and I can’t wait until the 3rd game comes out in 2012.  The universe intrigues me, and the second game presented the widest array of characters that I actually cared about since Final Fantasy VI.  In fact, the characters are the very best part of that game, and I hope […]

Fanfic: Knightshade by Blackbird [The Batman]

Review: Knightshade is a ‘The Batman’ fanfic written by a prominent Kim Possible fanfic writer named Blackbird.  This author rose to KP fanfic fame because of a story written in the earlier days of KP fanfic called Maternal Instinct, which featured Kim Possible and Shego’s daughters, Kasy and Sheki.  This was early enough in the […]

Fanfics: Mass Vexations by Herr Wozzeck [Mass Effect], & Life in Thedas by Hazza137 [Dragon Age: Origins]

Intro: I’m doing something a little differently here.  I’m reviewing two stories by two different authors that follow a similar pattern.  Both stories involve self-insertion authors thrown into video game RPGs, the games picked by both authors are recent BioWare games, and both are shown to be unskilled but later grow into competent fighters through […]