Amazon VOD: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

“Kaizen” is a Japanese term that is very vital part of Japanese life for it refers to a system (or a philosophy) of continual improvement.  I was first introduced to this concept when I was at Toyota, where it is a cultural imperative.  All workers from those on the line to the engineers in the […]

Netflix: The Decoy Bride

I do not have a very good track record with Romantic Comedies.  Most of the mainstream ones released these days involve horribly demonizing a woman for whatever reason or they involve gross humor on the part of the guy or a scene where a woman belches excessively to show that she’s not just an idol […]

Netflix: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

It’s hard to come into the Transformers movies without an opinion anymore.  It’s a film series that has much publically emphasized constant action over any discernible story.  This is never more apparent in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  Robots duel. Soldiers run around shooting at things.  Shia LaBeof is made to look like a fool […]

Film: Brave

Review: The further Pixar gets from animated toys, the less they seem to understand how to tell a compelling character drama.  This is not altogether a unique issue for storytellers.  Telling character stories about toys or animate cars or intelligent fish involves a certain degree of translation.  The characters in these stories are analogues to […]