VOD: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

Review: This movie is so suffused with Steven Spielberg’s style that it was almost unnecessary to list him as a director.  That’s not even a criticism.  This movie could very well have been shot live action as an Indiana Jones film and been held up favorably against Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I can imagine […]

DVD: Green Lantern (2011 Live Action Film)

Review: I’ve tried to reserve my judgment, but I’m finding it harder and harder to make excuses.  Ryan Reynolds just isn’t very convincing.  Sure, I understand that he’s attractive and all, but as an actor, he just doesn’t inhabit the roles he’s given very well.  I always know I’m watching Ryan Reynolds, and that impish […]

DVD: In Time

Review: Justin Timberlake (you heard me right) stars in this Andrew Niccol (of Gattica and Truman Show fame) film about a not too distant future where genetic engineering has allowed everyone to stay at age 25 forever… assuming they can pay up, which they must by the second.  Born with a glowing green clock on […]