DVD: Moneyball

Review: Brad Pitt stars as Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s manager during their dramatic and record breaking 2002 season, and Jonah Hill as his Assistant Peter Brand (a fictional composite created for the film) who develops the formulas for finding undervalued players.  Typically speaking, I dislike Jonah Hill and the characters that he plays, however […]

DVD: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Review: I’ve been a fan of the Mission: Impossible movie series since it’s spectacular launch back in the 90s.  The first movie was spectacular and really has few flaws in my opinion.  The second movie, opting for an ‘X-Treme’ upgrade in set pieces, actually turned me off to a degree, to the point where I […]

Blu-Ray: The Tourist

I’m not sure if I’m simply becoming more jaded over time or if Hollywood is no longer putting up a decent showing, but I’m getting fairly tired of the B-Story Romance.  You know how it is, a movie’s premise puts the focus squarely on some action or adventure element, but then, almost obligatorily, there is […]