How The Hell Did I Miss This?

As linked off of Applegeeks on June 25: Matt Harding did a world tour (sponsored by Stride gum) and put together a simple but remarkably joyous video of his experience.  The tour was called “Where The Hell Is Matt?” and the video (of the same name) is hosted on ‘Vimeo,’ a somewhat more … high quality version of YouTube.  Check out the site for the HD version of the following video as well as ton of other great video clips, some in HD, some not.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Doesn’t that just make you smile?


Once again: Hello, and good evening.

By this point, I’ve developed and produced more website redesigns for Rogue-Penguin than I have created comic pages for Never-Forever in the last three years.  That’s more than a little sad, I think, and I hope that changes.  I have said that many times now, that when I “return” things will be different, but really, who can say?  I think that I can be fairly certain that as long as my revenue stream doesn’t rely on my web presence, I probably won’t be updating as frequently as I like.

Isn’t that a depressing start to this redesign?

Okay, so to break the dull mood: Hello!  We are once again on a content management system that isn’t just plugged into phpBB.  Isn’t that novel?  This time we’re using WordPress, a first for Rogue-Penguin.  We are also without forums this time around, which is again, a first for Rogue-Penguin.  They simply don’t seem to serve the purpose they were originally intended to — creating a community of readers and creators — so I’ve done away with them.  Everyone has the ability to comment on posts made, but that’s about it as far as interactivity goes.  Perhaps this is better, perhaps it is worse.  We will see in future days.

As promised in the last post of the previous incarnation of this website, I’ve got a few steps further to ensure that this website contains most if not all of the things I’ve been working on in the creative space.  It isn’t very much, but it means that we’ve got Never-Forever, my fanfics, my original fiction, and a few galleries for the random art.  In the future, I’ve got an interest in putting up a few other random things we’ve created up here, such as my The World Is Not Enough music video and perhaps — just perhaps — the movie-sized video my friends and I produced in high school.

I would love to get that up for everyone to see, but one of the issues I’ve had with it is getting the original media into a format I can cut and edit together because the only surviving version of the film right now is in a low-quality VHS.  When I finally find the DVD that has the raw-video on it I may begin a series of posts talking about the remastering process of the video.  It could be fun! 🙂

Anyway, this is just an introductory post so that there’s something here with some meat on it when the stie goes live.  Right now I’m working on completing the archives of comics and fanfics so that everything eventually is up and posted.  It’s a slow process, but I think it’ll be worth it to finally have clean and error-free versions of my work up for show.

Hope to see you in the future!