This is an (in progress) jump page for getting to the various pieces of fiction that I’ve written.

Original Fiction

These are original short works written by me that are not based on existing works.

  • Ragnarok Event:
    • Phoenix of Kassandra
    • Children of Ivan
  • Ben
  • Never-Forever:
    • The Prophet
    • Mantle


Fan Fiction

These are stories written by me based on existing works, typically called fan fiction or ‘fanfics.’   The list below is organized by the existing work upon which they are based.  Everything I wrote after 2004 is on my page, everything prior to that was originally posted to the Fan Fiction Mailing List (FFML) and is in the process of being reproduced on this site.

Kim Possible

Ben 10

Tangled / Tales of Vesperia

Bubblegum Crisis

  • His Blood Still Cries (complete)
  • A World Without A Future (complete)
  • Song of the Interloper (Bubblegum Crisis/Nadesico Crossover — incomplete)

Sailor Moon

Tenchi Muyo

  • Children of Jurai (incomplete)

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