2011 Fall Pilots: Homeland [Showtime]

  Review: Showtime is kind of hit or miss with me. They have a number of hit TV series, half of which completely disinterest me and the other half slowly became uninteresting.  I obviously loved Stargate SG-1, which got its humble beginnings on the network way back in 1996, and I also was a huge […]

2011 Fall Pilots: How To Be A Gentleman [CBS]

  Premise: An unlikely friendship develops between a reserved columnist (David Hornsby) and a rough-and-tumble trainer (Kevin Dillon). Review: Decidedly mediocre premise and writing produces average entertainment.  How is it that 22 years later people are still trying to ape Seinfeld? As always, the premise could have been a nice The Odd Couple homage in […]

2011 Fall Pilots: Suburgatory [ABC]

Premise: A teen girl (Jane Levy) has trouble adjusting when her single dad (Jeremy Sisto) moves them from New York City to the suburbs to give her a better life.  Alan Tudyk and Cheryl Hines feature prominently in supporting roles as suburbanites. Review: I cannot see this show making it past mid-season.  It’s a single […]