360: Batman: Arkham City

Review: Much like the game that came before it, Batman: Arkham City is an excellent 3rd person game with Real Batman-like Action that does a pretty good job of weaving the disparate plans of several villains all stuck within the eponymous quarantine zone into a cohesive narrative.  While this game is billed as an Open […]

360: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Review: I talked about this game quite a bit already, so I’m not going to be terribly verbose about the gameplay or mechanics.  Read the linked post in the previous sentence if you want more detail on those items.  The short of it is: if you played Brotherhood, the game is very similar.  The hookblade […]

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (impressions)

I still love this game series. I’ve been plowing through this game over the last week and made a considerable amount of progress towards completion.  I’m almost a little disappointed that I’ve done so much in so short of time because it’ll soon be over and I’ll have to wait a whole twelve months to […]

360: Disney Universe

  Review: It’s like Kingdom Hearts meets Lego Star Wars, except not quite as fun. I’ve got a pretty firm handle on why the “Lego” series of video games has been such a hit.  They’re simple games with a straightforward and unchanging game mechanic hitched to large media franchises that people already know the stories […]