Fanfic: I Am What I Am by M. McGregor [Buffy: The Vampire Slayer]

Overview: I Am What I Am is a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer fanfic by M. McGregor that is what is typically called a ‘fixfic.’  Xander, at the end of his life, finds himself pulled back through time and placed back into himself in the Second Season episode “Halloween.”  Using his knowledge of the future, he […]

Fanfic: Sea of Stars [Tangled / Tales of Vesperia]

I waited a bit longer than normal this year to get myself involved in NaNoWriMo 2011. I don’t have a particularly good track record with the event to be honest. In 2009 I did the best that I ever had, writing about 30,000 words in a sci-fi epic that never got completed. (For those of […]

Fanfic: After a Millennium A Renewal: Puppet Strings (by Kudara) [Gargoyles]

Review: I’ve been a Gargoyles fan since it first started airing after The Disney Afternoon block of programming weekday afternoons after school.  The show was moody, dark, and was an adventure show about culture shock.  There had been very, very little like this before it aired, and it, along with Batman: The Animated Series, has […]

Fanfic: Innuendo (by beeftony) [Kim Possible]

Review: Once again this is a shortfic, probably written in a bit of a fugue and intended to paint an interesting or cute picture between everyone’s favorite slashable couple from the show.  Kim and Shego are fighting and Kim decides to taunt Shego in a manner consistent with how the fanon has always interpreted their […]

Fanfic: Common Thread (by beeftony) [Kim Possible]

Review: Note: Back when I read ‘Exile’ by beeftony, I had picked a few additional fanfics on the shorter side that were relatively new on his page.  I hadn’t really looked at the reviews or solicited any recommendations to pick them, just selected randomly based on the synopsis and length. Common Thread is a […]