Fanfic: Exile, by beeftony [Avatar: The Last Airbender]

Review: I’m convinced the Airbender fandom is obsessed with Ursa.  I’ve read a number of “Chessmaster Ursa” fanfics at this point (the others of which I’ll get around to reviewing eventually) and they all share two things: 1.) Ursa is a brilliant schemer who saw the results of her actions five years into the future […]

BlogTalkRadio show ‘FemSlash 4 Fans’ with host Allaine (and a bit about Utena)

I made an appearance for a second time on Allaine’s FemSlash4Fans radio show on internet radio website BlogTalkRadio last Thursday.  Last time I was a guest talking about my semi-popular Kim Possible fan fiction but this time I was co-host and our guests were anime fanfic luminaries Sean Gaffney and Alan Harnum.  The topic was […]

Video Games, Laptop Computers, and Gilbert & Sullivan

Well, actually, there’s no Gilbert and Sullivan in this post, apart from this sentence. I just needed a third thing to put in the title since, as any writer knows, the most memorable things come in threes. 4th of July came and went this past weekend (I suppose I could have put that in the […]