IF Comp 2011: Beet the Devil (by Carolyn VanEseltine)

Review: The odd name, strange ‘about’ screen, and poorly phrased introductory rooms gave a terrible first impression to me, but this game quickly hit it stride and becomes a very enjoyable and straightforward adaptation of Virgil’s Divine Comedy.  Puzzles are straightforward, but quirky and sometimes clever, and once you realize what the theme of this […]

IF Comp 2011: Ted Paladin and the Case of the Abandoned House (by Anssi Raisanen)

Review: Despite the extravagant name, this game is a very straightforward puzzler with only the barest attempts to give the world around it some context.  You play Ted Paladin who is a text adventure gamer asked to examine an abandoned house scheduled for demolition.  Inside the house you find out there are a series of […]

IF Comp 2011: Awake the Mighty Dread (by Lyle Skains)

Review: Ugh, dream logic. Awake the Mighty Dread is heavy on the narrative end of the spectrum from the previous games I played, however, it’s very buggy and takes place in a world governed by dream logic which means I never had a good idea of what I was supposed to do and the game […]

IF Comp 2011: Return to Camelot [Po. Prune]

Review: Sequels are a tricky thing in any medium.  You’ve got to balance the urge to assume everyone has experienced the prior work with the desire to simply reiterate the first work in case anyone missed such a seminal piece.  You can never please everyone. Return to Camelot is a sequel to Po. Prune’s earlier […]

IF Comp 2011: How Suzy Got Her Powers (by David Wyld) [Updated]

Review: I’ve played a few David Wyld games in the past which all had several things in common.  They usually have an unusual voice, which in this case means awkward, and are somewhat simplistic.  This game does not surprise in either department. How Suzy Got Her Powers is a short ADRIFT game that is presented […]