PS3: Journey

Review: I never did play flOw, ThatGameCompany’s debut work, because it seemed a little esoteric for me.  I’m a huge fan of narrative (which is really what this blog should be called, I think) and a game about abstract shapes in a blue featureless mass just didn’t appeal to me.  Where’s the story in that? […]

360: Mass Effect 3 (overall review)

Note: There will be a follow up post to this to talk about the story from a more spoiler-centric perspective.  This review is largely spoiler-free. Review: It comes down to the ending, doesn’t it? All in, Mass Effect represents at least 120 hours of gaming, perhaps more than twice that much with replays, and renegade […]

360: Mass Effect 3 (Impressions)

It’s very dark in the future. Metaphorically, this is true, but in the case of Mass Effect 3, it’s quite literally true.  Cerberus is a pretty dark institution, however, they were much bigger fans of lighting on the Normandy. It’s either that or the Alliance broke a couple of the overhead light panels when they […]