Film: Brave

Review: The further Pixar gets from animated toys, the less they seem to understand how to tell a compelling character drama.  This is not altogether a unique issue for storytellers.  Telling character stories about toys or animate cars or intelligent fish involves a certain degree of translation.  The characters in these stories are analogues to […]

Blu-Ray: The Tourist

I’m not sure if I’m simply becoming more jaded over time or if Hollywood is no longer putting up a decent showing, but I’m getting fairly tired of the B-Story Romance.  You know how it is, a movie’s premise puts the focus squarely on some action or adventure element, but then, almost obligatorily, there is […]

DVD: Cars 2

Review: I did not like the first Cars Pixar film.  It reminded me too much of Doc Hollywood and I couldn’t really see the point of the characters being Cars.  They had almost entirely human troubles to consider and, frankly, their world made no sense at all.  Everything was still geared towards human aesthetics with […]

Fanfic: Harry Potter and the Wastelands of Time by joe6991 [Harry Potter]

Well, so much for being glad that the fanfic is complete.  Reaching the end of Harry Potter and the Wastelands of time was an exercise in frustration.  The fanfic does not effectively end, at least not in a way that satisfactorily resolves any of the major plotlines.  Major enemies are still threats (in fact Voldemort […]