Fanfic: Iunctio by sinvraal [Mass Effect 1]

Overview: Iunctio is a (terribly named) Mass Effect 1 fanfic by sinvraal.  I only say ‘terribly named’ because I can never spell it right on the first go, I always have to look it up.  I’m not quite sure what the title means, in fact, and perhaps that’s part of why I can’t remember the […]

360: Disney Universe

  Review: It’s like Kingdom Hearts meets Lego Star Wars, except not quite as fun. I’ve got a pretty firm handle on why the “Lego” series of video games has been such a hit.  They’re simple games with a straightforward and unchanging game mechanic hitched to large media franchises that people already know the stories […]

Fanfic: Common Thread (by beeftony) [Kim Possible]

Review: Note: Back when I read ‘Exile’ by beeftony, I had picked a few additional fanfics on the shorter side that were relatively new on his page.  I hadn’t really looked at the reviews or solicited any recommendations to pick them, just selected randomly based on the synopsis and length. Common Thread is a […]