The TITAN Show #16 is LIVE!

Episode 16 of The TITAN Show is finally up on its website,  This week’s topic is denouement!  Also known as the ‘resolution’ of a story after its climax and (typically) falling action.  We also talk a lot about fan fiction because that happens to be what’s been reviewed on this website in the last week. […]

The TITAN Show, Episode 15 is up!

This week’s podcast is now live over on sister-site The Titan Show ( and can be heard here.  We talk mostly about detective shows and movies (with emphasis on my part on Sherlock Holmes) as well as few posts here on Rogue-Penguin including my review of Batman: Year One, and my completion of Assassin’s Creed: […]

2011 Year In Review and a look into 2012

All things considered, 2011 was a fantastic year for this website.  There were 130 posts to this blog in 2011, compared to 40 in 2010, and fewer than 30 in 2009.  That’s a fantastic amount of content growth and I only hope to continue the trend in 2012.  Now, obviously, number of posts is no […]

The TITAN Show

So, in the spirit of starting projects that will inevitably overwhelm me, I’d like to announce that I’ve started a podcast.  My friend Matt Bogel and I took a stab at recording a podcast this past Tuesday and after the grueling editing process and whipping together a simple website to host everything, I can say it’s finally […]