360: Batman: Arkham City

Review: Much like the game that came before it, Batman: Arkham City is an excellent 3rd person game with Real Batman-like Action that does a pretty good job of weaving the disparate plans of several villains all stuck within the eponymous quarantine zone into a cohesive narrative.  While this game is billed as an Open […]

PC: The Blackwell Legacy

Review: I picked up the initial Blackwell Trilogy as part of a recent Indie Royale Bundle in December 2011.  I’ve always been a big Adventure Game fan, stretching back to the first PC game that I ever played on my own: Space Quest.  I spent many years as a Sierra fan, looking disdainfully at the […]

TV: Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Review: Recently I’ve taken some time out to watch the backlog of recorded The Brave and Bold episodes I had on my DVR before disconnecting my cable.  I had heard a great deal of good things about this series being sort of a love song to the silver age Batman comics and, more directly, the […]

Blu-ray: Frost/Nixon

Review: I was born in 1981, the year MTV went live.  The year the first DeLorean rolled off the lot. The year Prince Charles and Lady Di were married.  The year Metallica first formed.  The year the Pope and the President were shot.  Naturally, I don’t remember any of these things.  I don’t even remember […]